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Egon fisk – mr fillyjonk disappearance
(umbrelladelika records - ubd002)
Sunken foal – triplehorn
(planetµ - ziq217)
Superlicious – matriarcal society
(lamadameaveclechien - dog001)
Leila – twelved
(warp records - wap244)
Egon fisk – acip meta
(umbrelladelika records - ubd002)
Meat beat manifesto – guns n lovers
(planetµ - ziq202)
Animals on wheels – nonturn
(lamadameaveclechien - dog002)
Egon Fisk – bombshell
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Jahdan Blakkamoore & Matt shadetek – Nice Green
(dutty artz - DA002)
Grimelock – T rox
(jemenfish – JMFLP001)
Egon fisk – gerdec
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Tipper – unlock the geometry
(tippermusic – tipp004V)
The tuss – last rushup
(rephlex records – cat189LP)
Egon Fisk – leaking holes
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Egon Fisk – Batchlip Boogeye
(umbrelladelika records – ubd002)
Luke Vibert – cash’n’carry acid
(planetµ - ziq098)
Icteder aka Egon Fisk – Loss
(roulette rekordz – RR11)

Recorded january 2010 


using vinyl only








Give'm enough cheese mixtapes

by Shepherd & Dr Green Cheese

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by the labelman himself and his cheezy friend




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Umbrelladelika Records is a Brussels-based electronic music label. UBD is aiming at being a platform for a wide variety of electronica-influenced musical styles ranging from IDM to indietronics. At UBD we want to offer the music in the traditional and well-honored way of a physical carrier: cd’s and vinyl in all their sizes and shapes.